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Blog - Which Kitchen Worktop to choose

This Blog is here to help you choose the type and texture of the worktop for your Kitchen, with so many to choose from, where do you start? We will start with your budget as this will stear you in the right direction. I will look at the cheapest, mid range and luxury worktops that are on offer.


Cheapest solution 

The cheapest solution for you will still be laminate worktops, the laminate ranges have really come on over the years, the 'bull nosed' front edge, very much a feature of 90's UK are long gone with some really tight profiles available in all the ranges with a few 'square edged' finishes available in the Artis,Prima, Omega  and Axiom ranges. 

Off the shelf availability, with most sizes catered for, remains a real positive for laminate worktops, with lengths of up to 4100mm in most products this means that the need for your fitter to join worktops in awkward positions can usally be avoided.

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Mid Range Solution

Most laminate worktops come with a post formed edge, this is a rolled edge that is covered in the same laminate material as the surface of the worktop. The next range of worktops are still laminate but they have an acrylic front edge which allows for the front edge to be absolutely square which is often required in designs and also acts as a great contrast to the surface. In the Artis range of worktops these are known as the 'Bohemain range' and there are also a small selection in the Prima range called '40mm PP edged worktops, that have the square edge




Luxury - Top range

The top of the range as far as i am concerned are Solid Surface worktops and Quartz Worktops.


Solid surface worktops are generally a resin based product which suitably skilled fitters will be able to install and join with inconspicuous joins. They are installed in a similar fashion to laminate worktops but as the fitter sands the surface down using sanding pads the adhesive merges into the surface which creates the impression of no join, fitted well these worktops look incredible. Ranges that fall into this section would be Encore and Mistral.



Quartz Worktops have traditionally been a template and fit item, meaning that a quartz company would arrive, take your measurements and go away and make the worktops and then return a few weeks later to fit them. The products now availalable in the market place are off the shelf Quartz worktops which can be installed as simply as a laminate or solid surface worktop. The fitters do not require any new power tools but they would require the Quartz tool kit which has the diamond tipped plunge/circular saw blades and relevant cutters to allow the worktops to be cut to size on site. It is worth checking whether your fitter has worked with the products before as they may have a kit left over from a previous job, this could save you some money.

Maxtop is a 40mm Quartz Worktop available in various sizes, the top has a 8mm quartz surface and a 100% unique patented polyutherene honeycombe core which makes the worktop light enough to handle but creates the 40mm look. 


Mstone is a 20mm Quartz product made from Natural stone and some resin particles, this allows the product to be cut on site using the Bushboard MStoneTool Kit.


For details on the various textures used on worktops you can read a blog at








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